As Mayor of Happy Valley, I’m proud to represent the citizens and am humbled by the support and cooperation in what we’ve been able to accomplish regionally, and I want to represent you in Salem and get the same positive results. Non-partisanship is what has allowed me to work with all sides and get things done, which is why I’ve received local endorsements from leaders in both parties. Let’s work together to make our community the best it can be.

Here are a few of the issues I’m working on.


jobsI want my twin daughters to call Oregon home, but so many of our sons and daughters are leaving our community to find decent family-wage jobs. In Oregon, we are officially a one-party state dominated by legislators who have promoted policies that hurt our small businesses. Though our community might take issue with their anti-small business policies, these same legislators now hold a super majority in House of Representatives, a majority in the Senate, and every single statewide elected office. It means that they have the power to unilaterally pass any new tax or regulation they choose.

As a local mayor, seeing how increased regulations and economic pressures are keeping our small “mom and pop” businesses from surviving, and we’ve taken extraordinary steps at the local level to help them keep their doors open. Oregon needs to do the same or we will lose good local jobs to other states. I will work against overzealous regulations, higher tax obligations, and frivolous lawsuits so we can achieve the thriving economy that Oregon deserves.


Oregon has some of the worst graduation rates in the country, and our region has some of the largest class sizes in the metro area. This has to change.

Funding education will be our top priority and working to ensure our money is spent where it’s needed most—in the classroom. Currently, we are holding on to an education system that is failing too many of our kids, and I’m tired of schools being used as a political football for special interests.

For my record on education, I have participated in "Principal for a day" at three different elementary schools in the district to get an appreciation for the system that is in place as well as supported the facilities planning and bonds for the North Clackamas School District. I have toured Sabin Schellenburg on three different occasions over the years and recognize them as one of the top CTE leaders in the state. Also, I was the chair of fundraising for the bond campaign for Clackamas Community College, ensuring the bond passage for the necessary upgrades to continue education and training in the trades so desperately asked for by our businesses.


Fiscal ResponsibilityThe Oregon Legislature needs to learn how to live within their means. They continually increase spending and then come back to us, the taxpayers, to bail them out. That’s wrong. I will fight to reduced spending and ensure our state has a balanced budget without raising taxes.

As for my record in Happy Valley, we have operated in the black every year since I've been on the council. To prepare for any unforeseen issues, we have been able to put $2.5 million in reserve over the last three years, as well as fund our reserve for replacement as forecasted. In 2017, we will be able to pay our City Hall construction bond early and save approximately $890,000 in interest.


TransportationOregon isn’t giving our streets and highways the attention they need, and our state leaders have underserved our transportation system for nearly 30 years. We see it everyday: potholes, broken sidewalks, increased traffic fatalities, and for our commuters, unbearable traffic jams. In areas such as East Portland our streets are in worse shape than most regions.

As your State Representative, making sure you have a voice in Salem and that our transportation needs are met, is something I can do. Working to ensure our gas taxes are being used to fix our roads and not diverted to other priorities and continuing to work with my regional partners to be innovative in solving the road funding once and for all.


HomelessnessIt is a tragedy that as Oregon experiences significant economic growth, homelessness is spiraling out of control in areas such as the Spring Water Trail. I will work to increase the data we have on homeless individuals to identify the root causes of their situation and build a comprehensive approach to restore these people to homes, health, and self-sustainability.

I will work to change our approach to mental health and drug abuse treatment. By firmly enforcing laws controlling drug abuse and truancy while creating an integrated and comprehensive system of treatment for individuals in need, we can dramatically reduce the number of people who fall into homelessness and can’t climb out. It begins with accountability, identifying what works and what doesn’t, while holding leaders responsible for results, not inputs.


EnvironmentI have a proven record of expanding innovative solutions locally to produce positive impacts to our environment for our region’s families to enjoy for many generations.

As for my record of protecting our precious environment as the Mayor of Happy Valley, My Council and I have worked with Metro and NCPRD on several projects, including saving 120 plus acres on Scouter's Mountain, working to preserve Hidden Falls, and connecting trails throughout the system for all families to enjoy now and in the future. To reduce our carbon footprint we helped implement a HV Solar program. In addition, every year during my six years as Mayor we have been recognized as a Tree City, USA and continue to hold re-planting events with Friends of Trees. For future planning and stewardship, we have established an extensive mapping program of our wetland and riparian corridors in East Happy Valley and parts of Damascus.


Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our freedom, and I’ll work everyday as your Representative to ensure we are meeting our promise to give back. In Oregon, we must do more to help our veterans, including everything from integration into the workforce, to ongoing services, to homelessness.

As Mayor, I have personally signed along with my Coucilors a community covenant with the County and Clackamas Community College (CCC) to make sure our community stays focused on veterans’ affairs. For the last several years, I have attended homeless veteran’s funerals at Willamette National Cemetery and have lobbied in Washington DC on behalf of veterans attending CCC so they can receive credits for time served in their profession.

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